Drone Dudes is dedicated to the craft of visual storytelling through cutting edge camera movement technology. We are an international team comprised of individuals who together are committed to excellence in everything we do.



With decades of combined production, design and aviation experience the team at Drone Dudes is the core component to our success story. We are a full-time crew comprised of industry leading camera operators, engineers and pilots alike. In addition, we are FAA certified under a wide variety of aerial platforms such as airplanes, helicopters, and drones.

ANDREW H. PETERSEN   Founder / Aerial Cinematographer


Founder & Director of Photography

Andrew Petersen is one of the original pioneers and leading drone experts in the film industry, having worked extensively as a camera operator for nearly a decade before establishing Drone Dudes in 2010. Andrew set his focus on reimagining unique camera movements with modern day robotic technology, further inspiring new opportunities that placed him along side the largest names in the business such as Mark Seliger, Janusz Kaminski, Nicolai Fuglsig, Greig Fraser and Rupert Sanders to name a few.



Remote Pilot & Camera Operator

Jake Howard has an in depth background in film production, working on many large commercials for clients like Park Pictures, MJZ, Chivo Lubezki, Lance Accord, and Christian Webber, among others. With a flare for the outdoors and background in professional sports, Jake has shot a diversity of subjects– everything from surfers to horses to exotic cars. 



Remote Pilot & Camera Operator

Brian comes to us from Idaho, a naturally gifted photographer with a passion for cameras and technology and a background in video and photo journalism. He’s worked with clients such as Incase, MVMT, and Mazda, and shot everything from cars to culinary, with a love of biking, fitness, and health.



Remote Pilot & Camera Operator

Los Angeles local Josh Hak is a fixed wing aircraft pilot as well as certified drone operator. He's been piloting drones for five years and was one of the first 107 certified pilots.



Remote Pilot & Helicopter Pilot

TJ is an accomplished helicopter and UAS pilot, formerly a US Army Apache pilot. With a cinematic eye and natural gift for storytelling, TJ brings a wealth of experience from filming around the world.


eric konasty

Remote Pilot

Eric Konasty is known as one of the top FPV (first person view) pilots in the world. Having a background in R&D manufacturing he builds all of his aircraft custom to spec. Konasty knows how to fly in ways most people dream of.