Usually when we are asked to fly a light on a drone there is a very specific look or purpose to achieve. In this case the requirement was to have full wireless control of RGB color with adjustable light output. The light we decided to go with was the Digital Sputnik DS-1 as it perfectly met these requirements. With a bit of fiddling we were able to pair the DS-1 perfectly into our Freefly Systems MoVI Pro gimbal all of which flew on the Freefly Systems Alta 8 drone. The DS-1 was powered via a single Core SWX Nano Slim V-Mount battery as opposed to running two, this gave us longer flight time which was limited to about 7min. Digital Sputnik hooked us up with a very powerful WiFi router which gave us full control over the DS-1 via the Digital Sputnik app on iPad. Our DP and Gaffer loved this ability to control the light wirelessly mid flight. In-fact we didn’t even have the light running at full output. The red color was a dulled down version of red to not clip the color spectrum on the “A” camera which was on a steadicam. We decided to change the ALTA 8’s navigation lights to red matching the DS-1 and that was a cool custom look which our Director Rollo Jackson enjoyed very much. It made it not look like the average drone and put the focus back into the mood of the overall environment. We had also installed a small standard definition FPV (first person view) camera just under the DS-1 which allowed our gimbal operator to point the light exactly at the target via a video monitor which was much better than without. On top of all of this we had another team operating a DJI Inspire 2 with an X7 camera capturing all the action from above in 6K RAW. This was a very innovative project and one we will always remember. A good challenge and an amazing crew!





A long time client of ours came to us with a need to fly a high powered hard edge light on a drone. The locations of which we would be flying in would not allow for a traditional crane or even a helicopter. We had to come up with a solution that would be powerful enough to offer the light output while at the same time be light weight enough to mount in a gimbal on a drone. Another thing to consider was how we were going to power the light as it had to run entirely off battery. Quite a few variables at hand however after many different lighting tests using everything from plasma to HID (High-intensity discharge) to LED’s. We ended up with a lot of mixed results but not the magic look our client was after. This build was much more complicated than we expected. In the end we looked at many lights and took a little something from each design ultimately leading us to design this custom dual LED Leko light that boasts 28,000 lumens with an adjustable hard edge focusable beam of light.





With this impressive design from Stratus, the 4x 100 watt LED chip modules are a flying 6K HMI equivalent perfectly balanced in a MoVI Pro gimbal that allows the operator to angle the light remotely. This allows for a variety of unique looks.