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What makes our systems unique are the ways we configure our cameras to quickly adapt from a traditional handheld setup into a highly versatile gimbal. Our customized gimbals support the heaviest lenses, FIZ control, wireless video and other accessories like matte boxes, cine tapes or rain deflectors. Once the camera package is in the gimbal we can move between system to system within seconds. Previously a camera re-build could take nearly 30 minutes or more of highly valuable time. The added cost of additional camera bodies also add up. Our concept: build it once and done! This not only speeds up workflow and efficiency but it also allows for more creative content captured. All Drone Dudes operators are highly skilled and certified across each system so we are most effective on set.




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Our custom heavy lifter can carry payloads of 45 pounds for up to 20 minutes and flies over 45 mph. What this means for production: more time in the air with heavier payloads, operating at higher elevations. 





Top mount the camera on this heavy-lifter for a unique upwards angle, or swap to the bottom for traditional looks. Either way, this easy-to-travel system is a tried and true industry workhorse.





With a wide range of technology packed into a small form factor, the Inspire 2 is a hard system to beat. Interchangeable lenses and a Super 35mm sensor make this an ideal tool for any filmmaker.





Zip around tight spaces with the Mavic 2, a drone that balances power, portability, and professional-quality visuals with the inclusion of a 20MP Hasselblad gimbal camera.