We work to provide the highest quality camera movement solutions and drone services within the entertainment, industrial, and event industries. Since launching in 2010, Drone Dudes has become a staple within the UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) industry, pushing the boundaries of unmanned aviation. Having expanded into industrial applications, swarm technology, and marketing events, Drone Dudes knows no bounds.



Our team is made of top notch operators and raw talent. Decades of combined experience in aviation, camera technology, and production. Drone Dudes works with the newest tech, constantly testing and tweaking for best results, using these tools to tell stories like a painter uses a brush, always inspiring new ways of thinking.

ANDREW H. PETERSEN   Founder / Aerial Cinematographer


Founder & Director of Photography

Andrew comes from Miami, Florida but has called Los Angeles his home for over a decade. After working in the film industry for several years, he founded Drone Dudes in 2010. Andrew and Drone Dudes have made a big impact in the LA entertainment scene, being one of the first to fly cinema-grade cameras on drones for film, TV, commercials, docs, and music videos. Inspired by his grandfather’s background in cameras and model trains, Andrew’s a filmmaker and designer who uses a cinematographer's eye to capture innovative and breathtaking moving imagery using robotics.



107 Remote Pilot & Camera Operator

Jake Howard has an extensive background in film production, working in commercials for heavy-hitters like Park Pictures, MJZ, Chivo, Lance Accord, and Christian Webber, among others. With a flare for the outdoors and background in professional sports, Jake has shot a diversity of subjects– everything from surfers to horses to exotic cars. 



Camera Operator & Still Photographer

Brian comes to us from Idaho, a naturally gifted photographer with a passion for cameras and technology.

MATISSE TOLIN   Director of Marketing and Sales


Director of Marketing & Sales

With over ten years of experience in the entertainment industry, Matisse has worked for companies such as Amazon Studios, Fox, Anonymous Content, and Furlined in commercial, film, and TV. He’s been a staff writer on a Netflix series, produced award winning virtual reality experiences, and loves to spread the word and write about new tech. 



Production Coordinator

With prior roles at Panavision and Radiant Images, Ric is a seasoned camera expert with a passion for drones and filmmaking, bringing twenty years of experience in film production to Drone Dudes.



Drone Pilot & Camera Operator

Los Angeles local Josh Hak is a fixed wing aircraft pilot as well as certified drone operator. He's been piloting drones for five years and was one of the first 107 certified pilots.



Helicopter & Drone Pilot

TJ is an accomplished helicopter and UAS pilot, formerly a US Army Apache pilot. With a cinematic eye and natural gift for storytelling, TJ brings a wealth of experience from filming around the world.


eric konasty

FPV Drone Pilot